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Buy your new glasses
with thin single vision lenses with Blueblock treatment!

Suitable for those who spend a lot of time in front of the screen.

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A pair of glasses with thin single vision lenses

treated for the control of blue light for €99 you can only find it at Andy Tailor !

If your eyes feel tired after an intense day in front of the screen you should use our glasses with single vision anti-blue light lenses!

We know that your first pair of glasses can be difficult to choose, so we will provide you with a vast assortment of light and fashionable Andy Tailor frames and we will help you find the one that best suits your face.

Our parents always told us: "Don't stay too close to the TV, it's harmful!". Instead today we spend hours glued to a screen. But we can still protect our eyes , we just need the right glasses.

Try our thin lenses made with Blueblock technology! You will defend your sight from the dangerous light waves of screens and you will be able to continue working, playing, reading or studying without tiring your eyes.

Book a free view now , get advice from our personal shoppers and find the glasses for you. You already know the price !

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